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Everything You Need To Know About Carefree SL Window Awnings

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Carefree of Colorado's SL Window Awnings are a popular choice for RV'ers who are looking for window awnings to help cut down on Air Conditioning costs, as well as add to the overall look of the exterior of their RV. The Carefree SL Window Awnings have several features and options available, so ordering can be a bit confusing. In this post, we hope to clear up any confusion to help you decide if the SL awnings are the solution you are looking for!

Carefree SL Window Awning Height

These awnings come in two different heights. You will want the standard height if your window is 36" tall or below. Any window larger than 36" will take the Carefree SL XL Window Awnings. The XL Window Awnings are special order items, so you will need to contact us for a price quote, they are not listed on the website at this time.

Carefree SL Window Awning Width

To choose the correct width of your Carefree SL Window awning, measure the width of your window and add 6" to that measurement. So if your window is 5' across, you will want the 5.5' window awnings. This allows for space for the window awning arms. Carefree has eight standard widths available starting at 3' and ending at 6.5' with 6 inches between each size. The available sizes are 3', 3.5', 4', 4.5', 5', 5.5', 6' or 6.5'Click here to view all of our Carefree SL 3' Window Awnings

Carefree SL Window Awning Fabric Color Options

There are six standard color options for the SL Window awnings: White Vinyl, Black Vinyl, Bordeaux Denim (red wine colored), Ocean Blue Denim, Sierra Brown Denim and Teal Denim. They also have an assortment of special order Acrylic and Full View fabrics available. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about those options.

Click here to view all of our Carefree SL Bordeaux Denim Window Awnings
Click here to view all of our Carefree SL Ocean Blue Denim Window Awnings
Click here to view all of our Carefree SL Sierra Brown Denim Window Awnings
Click here to view all of our Carefree SL Teal Denim Window Awnings

Carefree SL Window Awning Guard Options

Carefree has 2 options of awning guards available. The window awnings come standard with their vinyl Weatherguard. Weatherguard comes in either White or Matching the awning roller, whichever you choose.

The other option is their Uniguard. The Uniguard system lifts automatically to accept the SL Window awning. In it's travel position it shows a sleeker profile. It is available in Black, White or Satin finish. Uniguard is a special order option, so you will need to contact us for pricing.

Carefree SL Window Awning Arms

In addition to the window awning rollers, you will need to purchase the awning arms. There are two options for standard size awning arms, Black or White.

As you can see, there are a ton of choices for your Carefree SL Window awnings. This was our attempt to make things as clear as possible, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like some custom price quotes! If you are making a large order with multiple window awnings, let us know and we can get you a customer discounted price quote as well!

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